Gotta love the morning routine..


Everyone says it is great to have a morning routine…Yeah well once I would like not to have one, but I can’t.

I get up in the morning around 6:00 (no alarm clock needed I have my son) I make sure my son is changed and has breakfast and milk etc. Normal right, well then I make myself something to eat, which I make sure contains 20g of fat or over, I take this with my Kalydeco. Sounds simple right, well after my breakfast my Daughter usually wakes, and of course she needs to be fed…So I leave her to her breakfast and I go have my first Mask (This is what I use to take my inhaled meds)this first one my saline usually takes me about 1/2hr. When I am finished this, I go and make sure both kids are still ok, play with my son, change him again whatever he needs, he is only 23months. I then have a drag off my inhaler and then I will proceed to my second mask. My antibiotic, usually takes 20min.  If I am on an oral antibiotic like right now I will take this now…Every piil I take I have to eat with or I feel sick, and with food comes a handful of enzymes. These digest my food for me, as my pancreas is on strike. We argue all the time…I think it could do more…lol. Without my enzymes eating is worthless, it would do nothing for me…

This is just the morning meds, not the physio I do, or the afternoon treatments. This is also not a school day, right now my daughter goes to school every other day, but next year it will be every day. I don’t even take a lot of meds compared to some people with Cystic Fibrosis.

This is what I have to do to remain healthy, and even with my new medication my lungs have so many years of damage that I will always be on these meds. So if I am out in the morning with messy hair or jogging pants on, or if I am a little late please remember I have a lot on my plate, and sometimes I get full and cant finish it all.


4 thoughts on “Gotta love the morning routine..

  1. Oh man, I hear you!!! My “morning routine” frustrates me to no end too. Juggling motherhood and CF is definitely no picnic.

    Also, I saw your link to this blog from the mums group and just wanted to let you know that we’d love to have you on the CF blogroll! It’s a great list of lots of different CF blogs and a fun way to both make new friends and drive traffic to your blog. To be a member you just have to add the blogroll button to your site and let me know you’ve done that. If you’re interested you can find the info here:

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