I got the antibiotic blues…da da….. da dum……………..

So I am on yet another course of antibiotics, aside from daily inhaled one…

It started with a cold, nothing more…I get a cold just like every one, the only difference is that it goes into my chest sometimes and stays there…Guess I am just a really great hostess. I start to feel a  little more tired than usual and start to cough more, I just know I need some extra help when I go to vacuum the house and just sit there staring at the vacuum trying to find those Jedi powers that will never come.. I am normally pretty energetic especially in the morning, but when I am sick I am just a lump…I just want to sleep, which I cant because I have two young kids, so I don’t rest and I get run down.


I go through stages before I succumb to the antibiotics…

STAGE 1, I’m not sick, it’s just a bad day…a week later… STAGE 2, I really don’t want to bother the doctors, they’ll  think  I’m on antibiotics to much.. STAGE 3, my husband tells me to stop being stubborn and I call the doctors…

Waiting and being stubborn has gotten me in big trouble with my lungs (A story for another day), and still I worry and hesitate…

I seem to notice when I am put on these extra antibiotics that I get a little depressed. Not, oh my god life sucks depressed, but a I love life and want to live it but just don’t have it in me right now feeling…I get grumpy when I am sick because I am the kind of person who wants to do everything and when I cant, it gets to me.

Living with CF is like constantly having a cold, with a few weeks of feeling healthy thrown in.  I guess you could say summer would be a CFers healthy season..

I am hoping I feel more energized tomorrow, cause I always know that tomorrow is a brand new chapter..


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