You would think after 32years of going to the doctors every three months give and take, that I would be a pro…well heck no, I am still that terrified little girl, holding tight to the hand of my loved one. I am so nervous every time, I can’t sleep the night before, or eat the morning of; even if I am feeling great I still get so scared. I can’t explain it, I know the Doctors are there to help me, but they remind me of the truth. I need to improve in my eyes, and I know that might not be realistic (and I get reminded of that) but in my mind I can improve, this is just temporary.

I am preparing for my PFT (pulmonary function test) next week. It is like an exam for me, and anything under 40% I fail. I blow in balloons, I puff up and blow out as fast as I can every morning and night for 10min, anymore and I feel faint… I start this routine about two weeks before my appointment.  I look after myself and exercise all the time, but just before my Dr Appointments I up the game.

I will do anything to hear those words; you’re doing really well, keep it up. Or the piece of resistance, let’s try a month without antibiotics cause your doing so well.

Wish me luck; I hope I am just full of hot air…


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