Living with a unexpected expected expiry…

My parents were told when I was diagnosed at 16months, I wouldn’t live past 5, that I would not walk for a long time because I was just to underdeveloped. While within a month of the right treatments I was running and playing and ahead of my expected motor skills… Then my parents were told I would not make it past 18…

At about 13 I started seeing an amazing Doctor who told me you can live as long as you’re determined too, He told my parents I could live to be a Grandma if I looked after myself.  He was positive and respectful. He changed my outlook on CF.This blog is a shout out to this man, as I was thinking about him this morning.  If I could find him I would not know what to say cause thank you is not enough. He gave me the determination and reached me even during those damn rebellious teenage years.

I still had everyone around me telling me oh your still alive, yup seem to be thanks I would say… or the question my husband loved, should you really plan for a long term relationship with her…We were 16 when people were saying this…I am proud to say I have been with this same man since 1997 and we are happily married with two children. He is the love of my life.

While I am now 32 and living, not expired…No one knows when their time is coming. Yes we may have some advance notice, but we don’t need to hear that we are past our best before date.


One thought on “BEST BEFORE…

  1. My sweet You will never have a best before date. In my eyes you will always be fresh as the day we met.I love you you are the strongest person I know. And I have faith that you will overcome any obstacle and surpass all the expectations and limits placed upon you.

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