So I went to my first concert ever Friday night…I am actually well enough right now to go and do these sorts of things, so I am trying to live my life and have adventures.

First of all it was AMAZING. I went to see Hedley and they were so great, lived up to all my expectations. They sound better live then they do on their albums. I really would have liked to meet them and ask them to spread the word about CF but oh well, can’t have it all.

So the concert started and as soon as that first drum was hit. I felt it in my chest. It was like the best physio I have had in a while. The vibrations and singing had me coughing up all the crud.  I felt wonderful after.

So today I got up sang my heart out as loud as I could as I danced around the house. My kids stared at me like I was crazy for a minute but then thought what I was doing looked like fun, so all three of us ran around singing ,dancing, falling over and laughing.  It was fantastic and I feel so energized, my winter blues are gone, and I am not taking half a day before all the crud is out of my lungs, all the crud came out about ½ hr into our dance fest.

It has made our entire day better, not just physical but emotional as well… So thank you Hedley for the start of this new CF routine. As always you guys ROCK!!!!!



  1. So glad to hear about your fun time. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m getting to know you better as well. Love you.. ❤

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