So I have registered to walk in the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis this May. I want to make a difference well I can. I went to my doctor appointment last week and my lung function was down a touch, not a big problem for a cfer true, but I am a little run down and so put on a new antibiotic. Which I really hope works otherwise it’ll be back in the joint for a tune up for this chick. Anyway I realised I better get this butt in gear and start doing things I have always wanted.  So I now have a Well I live list not a bucket list, I am not doing these things before I die, I will be doing these things well I live…

I just want everyone to know that living with Cystic Fibrosis has made me a fighter. Well regarding health matters, I am a chicken when it comes to other things, like spiders…little aliens sent to stalk me and torture me…Sorry that story is for another day.. Anyway.

 I am never going to give up in this battle, I will breath so deep that it feels like my lungs are going to pop, trying to get every ounce of breath I can. Then I will blow out as fast as I can as if I can blow cf away…  

I will dance till I can’t breathe, not caring that I look like an angry ape chasing something. I will walk until my lungs bleed.

 CF will not be what drags me down.

Stayed tune for the adventures of a CFer with flare and attitude.

SIDENOTE: If you wish to sponsor me for the walk here is my link.



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