Earlier my daughter and her friend did a present exchange. My baby girl got exactly what she wanted, however her friend got a plush animal that my child also really wanted… Well she cried and wanted her friend to go home and basically lost her shit. She also saw a video that her friend received from Santa and she broke down into sobs asking why Santa hates her, what she can do to get off the naughty list, she must be stupid. We hugged her told her we were sure she was on the nice list and that she was a very good girl.
To read this I bet you would think my daughter is an entitled brat, but earlier that day she helped her Grandfather vacuum, went out of her way to get her brother more lunch and feed him that soup. She also cleaned up her and her brother’s toy mess. She is a very emotional impulsive girl. She does not care that your feelings are hurt from the truth or from how she is feeling, she does not care that she is being rude or interrupting. UNTIL she sees tears or someone struggle. I should not even say that she does not care; she doesn’t understand why she upset you. She does have a heart of gold. I love her and she is teaching me so many things every day. She teaches me the true meaning of unconditional love, she teaches me patience (Man does she test me on this one) she also teaches me new ways to express emotions. When she is secure, like in her home she blows up, yells acts angry, does hand stands, cartwheels, dancing and more. For years I have felt like her anger was personal, but I am realizing she is actually freaking out to let out her energy that she has been holding back.
Try to not scratch an itch or not drink when you are real thirsty, this is how it is when she cannot move, twitch or even make noise. She also seems unfocused but lots get fooled by this, she is fully paying attention to everything, she can follow ten conversations in the same room. We can’t go to most restaurants as her senses are in overdrive and to combat that she acts out and can’t sit still. She will tell me when people smell weird, or like someone else. She tastes everything, even non edible objects.
She has to be a character every day, either an animal or a fictional character like catwoman etc… I wish she would feel secure in her body but she doesn’t and I have learned to work with this. I always encourage and compliment her when Kylie is around, but I also will play along to a certain degree and work with her characters.
She is sore all the time, crying out in pain due to joint pain, but out of the house she keeps it in. She holds back her tics and tries very hard to hold back her yelling. So at home she lets this all go. I love this girl. She is a true warrior. She fights (or feels like she has too) against others and also against her own little body.
Keep fighting my princess, keep fighting…


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