Disconnect to Reconnect

My husband and I have decided to leave a lot of technology behind. Our children would often wake in the morning wanting to play our phone and computer. Complaining and whining until we would allow them. So we would allow 1hr a day at first, however gradually 1hr became 2hrs became 3hrs and so on. It would get longer because the kids would be quiet well playing their games but the minute they would get off they would start fighting with each other, and also us. My daughter started looking up inappropriate things and though she was monitored she was sneaky. She went from 8 to 16 in a matter of months. This went on and off for about 2years. My son would become addicted to my phone. The games, videos, and even sirus. Yes it was fully our fault as the parents. We should never have let it get that bad, but as with most parents and especially with our special needs children; it would make them calm and quiet so I could do household chores. This fix however was TEMPORARY!!! It made everything so much worse though. It made our daughter more hyper and more unfocused. She was not expelling any of her energy containing it while playing on stationary machines. Also the blue lights of the machine exciting her brain, causing over stimulation. As soon as she was taken away, which we did have to forcefully take from her hands, she would explode. She was extremely agitated irritable and loud. My son was becoming more dependent on games and less on his toys and imagination. We would be a family all connected to our devices, and yet not connected to each other. On day 1 the kids had fought less, and they went outside and played in the snow together. It was a wonderful start. My daughter has had less mood swings and though still restless, she has been letting it out like a slow leak as opposed to building it up and exploding. My son has been less demanding and helping himself more. On day 2 my baby girl went to school no fighting and my son was very engaged in play and using his imagination. They both calmed by 7:30 and fell asleep without too much of a hassle. I really hope this continues. It has also benefitted me. I am focusing more, not getting trapped in the face book time zone. I have read more these last few days then I managed to in 6 months last year. I am also having allot more creative outlets again, and getting my house sorted out. I could not be more pleased with this transition. I found I was losing social interaction stuck on a smart phone. I have now been calling people instead of emailing and messaging them, having to actually talk to people. I have been staring out my window instead of at a screen. I have allowed myself blog time (I write my blogs out in a book and then type it out after) and an hr of internet time in the evening but that is all. Everything in moderation.

Life is amazing. Enjoy it, observe it, connect with it…We all need to disconnect to reconnect.lwsm_forestanimals_2424


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